About Us

The GlobalCyberConsortium is a group of industry professionals dedicated to simplifying cyber security questionnaires, a critical tool in managing organizational risk. Standardizing cyber questionnaires can significantly improve the process and set a benchmark for companies providing products and services which connect to IT systems.

What We Do

  • Creating a standardized cyber questionnaire for products and services.
  • Establishing criteria for a list of achievable cyber guidelines.
  • Identifying procedures for an effective risk mitigation plan.
  • Creating a program to support third party customized solutions. 
  • Developing training to support the above objectives. 

Meet The Team

Min Kyriannis

Min Kyriannis has more than 25 years of experience working globally in industries involved with enterprise converged information technology, cybersecurity, physical security, and risk management. She is a recognized technology leader and a pioneer in leading the development of an innovative cybersecurity program supporting building systems.

Min has been on both the client and consultant sides of the business and is able see how technology is now becoming the critical component of businesses. She combines this knowledge with her technical expertise to develop best practices for a broad range of security programs.

Min is a founder of Amyna Systems, a start-up focused on addressing the issues related to IoT and cyber security.  She is the co-host of Security IQ, a podcast focused on security, the co-president of Women in Security, chairs the SIA’s Cybersecurity Advisory Board,  and is an on the Advisory Board of Security Specifiers.  Min has both undergraduate and masters degrees from New York University.  

David Bunzel

David Bunzel is the Executive Director of the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), an industry group working to develop interoperability specifications allowing integration of security products and systems.  Previously he led standards organizations in both the Smart Energy and Optical Storage Industry. David is the founder and managing director of Santa Clara Consulting Group (SCCG), a market research and consulting firm.  Considered one of the leading analysts in the data storage field, David has been widely referenced in publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, New York Times, Computerworld, Electronic Business, and regional and industry publications.   David graduated with a bachelor’s degree from University of Wisconsin-Madison and an MBA from Santa Clara University. 


The GlobalCyberConsortium has benefitted from the expertise provided by a group of industry professionals and academics involved in cybersecurity.  Our first set of questionnaires focused on the commercial real estate (CRE) market and the Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) made significant contributions to this effort.  The following people were part of the process:


  • David Bunzel
  • Min Kyriannis
  • Amy Goldsmith
  • Anjené Abston 
  • Brian Dustin
  • Jon Williamson
  • Laura Albert
  • Linnete Velez-McKnight
  • Sean McBride
  • Michael Pyle

REBNY Cyber Committee

  • Sandy Jacolow – Chair
  • Walter Mehl – Vice Chair
  • Chris Beach
  • David Mock
  • Nicholas Stello
  • Brian Loper
  • Neal Mohammed

Former Committee Members

  • Alvis Yuen
  • Mahmoud Abdelsalam