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The GlobalCyberConsortium has developed a set of standardized cyber questionnaires which address some of the critical issues to assure a robust security environment.  There will be three different questionnaires focused on the following areas:


Owner/Project relates to the organizations who have security issues related to the operational technology (OT) systems in their enterprise. An example in the commercial building market is Empire State Realty Trust, which owns and manages the security for buildings in the New York City area.


Product relates to devices and services that connect into the OT system and have integrated a security system in their organization or enterprise. An example is Schneider, a provider of building management systems (BMS). Commercial buildings are shifting to becoming smart buildings and are adopting a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to optimize critical systems such as physical security, energy management, and HVAC, and are therefore more exposed to cybersecurity risks.

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